50 Cent and his Car Collection

Many of you music fans and / or automobile may not realize that the great rapper 50 cent is a huge car collector. He nearly died in his first car while driving to fast and later put down $53,000 cash which he earned selling drugs for a charcoal gray Toyota Land Cruiser, which he then pimped out. Then reportedly returned the Land Cruiser and picked up Mercedes-Benz 400 SEL which had bullet proof windows because a violent gangster had the same Land Cruiser as him. But he also sold the Mercedes after being ambushed in the queens and having to run away through a back alley. After giving up the drug trade and moving into the music industry he had to drive a 1992 burgundy Dodge Caravan for quite some time, it didn’t even have working air conditioning.


Later on as the rap money came in, he was able to get back to his auto collecting with his first car being a Rolls-Royce Phantom. After a couple of bullet / bomb proof suburbans that cost him a reported $125,000 he stepped and got something for the real gear heads which was a Lamborghini Murcielago for $300,000. He continued to add cars such as a convertible Ferrari, Bentley Mulsanne, even a R1 bike.


These are just a few of his known cars, leave us feedback with anything else 50 Cent is known to be driving. Pics are even better





In August of last year, London Charles aka “Deelishis” (@iamdeelishis) was on location in Oklahoma City filming for the movie “How to Commit Fraud” (facebook.com/htcfmovie), which stars Jackie Long and Laila Odom. Deelishis was on set for 3 days and shot scenes for the film playing the role of “Rhonda”.  Before the film finished shooting, Director Furqaan Clover (@chairmanfur) watched an episode of “Love and Hip Hop – New York” and decided that he would prefer to have Tahiry (@therealtahiry) play the role of Rhonda instead of Deelishis. So production of the film was halted until Tahiry’s schedule allowed her the time to make the trip to Oklahoma City. The film is now complete and scheduled for national release in theaters this fall.


No comment from Deelishis.

50 Cent Headphones | Sleek by 50 Cent Headphones

50 Cent Headphones – Technology Meets Flawless Design

50 Cent Headphones, Sleek by 50 Cent Headphones, 50 cent new headphones, 50 cent s headphones, 50 cent wireless headphones, 50 cent headphones sleek, 50 cent sleek headphones price,Rap star Curtis Jackson has built an empire using the name 50 Cent as most know him and has recently designed a new brand of 50 Cent Headphones in conjunction with Sleek Audio.  50 Cent has put his own money towards the project and the new headphones offer a slew of new features, some not seen on any other pair of headphones currently on the market.  The design props go to 50 Cent and with the help of Sleek the Platinum series 50 Cent Headphones promise to be a new age in efficiency and design for the future of headphone technology from personal listening to studio recording.  One of the design features touted to be the first is the combination of Military grade metals used with a technology called the Wireless Hybrid, a technology that uses Kleer lossless that can gain a sixty foot wireless range.  The 50 Cent Headphones also have a rechargeable battery through micro USB, a feature becoming more common in modern devices.  There is also a mic cable that can be detached from the main unit and plugged in for further listening if the battery happens to run out in the middle of use.  The headphones also hold within the cans two 50mm dynamic drivers.  Another custom design feature held by these revolutionary new headphones is an internal amplifier.  With all these technological advances being utilized with the Sleek by 50 Cent Headphones they are sure to be a groundbreaking hit for everyone from the casual listener to the professional studio user.

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Sleek by 50 Cent Headphones | 50 Cent Headphones Price

50 Cent Headphones – Anticipation

sleek headphones 50 cent, 50 cent headphones price, sleek by 50 cent headphones, sleek headphones by 50,sleek 50 cent headphones,sleek by 50 cent headphones price,There has been plenty of chatter and anticipation for the new line of 50 Cent Headphones.  From the original contract with Sleek to the termination of that contract and back again to the parent company, TV Goods, it has been a bumpy ride.  There has even been talk of the rift caused by the new 50 Cent Headphones between Dr. Dre and Curtis Jackson, aka 50 Cent.  Of course media outlets will do their best to make these things seem like more than what they are.  No one can be sure how the competition will affect the rap stars’ relationship, but one thing is for sure, this competition could lead to greater things as new technological breakthroughs are used to one up each other.  So maybe it’s for the best as it will lead to more advanced lines of designer headphones and studio quality technology that can lead to a new era of music electronics and technology.

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50 cent headphones price | Sleek Headphones 50 Cent

50 Cent Headphones – Speculation

50 cent headphones price, Sleek Headphones 50 Cent, sleek by 50 cent headphones, sleek headphones by 50,So when are the new 50 Cent Wireless Headphones finally going to be released?  The latest news, and by news I mean rumor based speculation, is in November of 2011.  The release date is said to also be in conjunction with the release of 50 Cents new album.  This latest data is based on Tweets from 50 Cent’s Twitter account that have supposedly leaked the info.  It is very possible that November will be the release date as most supposed leaks for well anticipated products are not leaks at all but well organized marketing schemes.  It’s hard to tell as there was so much conflict and back outs after the initial signing with Sleek.  The headphones were designed and the technological breakthroughs of the 50 Cent Headphones were presented at the CES show early in the year.  After that, well, the contract was then terminated due to 50 Cent supposedly signing an earlier agreement, a statement that has never really been clarified by any of the parties involved.  It looked like the headphones were never going to happen and the much anticipated product was going to be lost in paperwork and disagreements.  A new contract was signed as it would seem all parties worked out what they needed to and the parent company of Sleek, TV Goods, re-signed with 50 cent, again.

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50 Cent Headphones | 50 Cent Headphones Price

50 Cent Headphones – Breakthroughs in Technology

50 cent headphones price, 50 cent headphones,The 50 cent Headphones contain a wealth of technology and take advantage of recent advances by using Kleer lossless Wireless means that can reach up to 60 feet.  This is great in case you would like to be at your neighbor’s house while listening to your playlist to avoid the awkward conversations about the weather.  This would be perfect for mowing the lawn or doing yard work as well without having to blare your tunes to the entire neighborhood.  Perhaps the most useful aspect for this application would be in the studio for recording.  Being able to listen back to recently recorded audio tracks without the hassle of wires would be an excellent addition to any studio.  The 50 Cent Headphones also have an integrated custom amplifier within and 50mm Dynamic Drivers, whether this is to be in direct correlation with 50 cent is unclear, but it will certainly give a great clarity to the music experience.

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